Tattoo Aftercare




Tattoo artists have recommended a variety of tattoo healing techniques and ointments over the years. Experience over the years has taught us, that our method of healing uses the best products available with some of the simplest ingredients. We also know, the quicker a tattoo heals, the risk of infection and the likelihood of the tattoo fading is reduced.

The products we suggest using are Aquaphor and Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil. Organic and Unrefined are the keywords you should be looking for. Click on the links below to learn more about these products.


  • - Keep your bandage on for one to four hours. Your artist will specify. Do not cover any type of bandage once removed. Your tattoo needs air in order to heal properly.
  • - Do no let anyone touch, including yourself, the tattoo during the healing process unless washing it with clean hands.
  • - Do not submerge your tattoo in any body of water during the healing process such as; baths, hot tubs, ovens, rivers, lakes, etc. showering is okay and suggested.
  • - With clean hands, remove the bandage and wash the tattoo well with unscented Dial or SoftSoap in the pump bottle and luke warm water.
  • - If cleaning your tattoo in the shower, make sure to clean it last.
  • - Be sure to only use your bare hands to wash the tattoo during the healing process. Loofah, washcloths and sponges are to abrasive to use on a fresh tattoo.
  • - Be sure to rinse your tattoo thoroughly with luke warm water after cleaning it.


  • - While your tattoo is still damp from being cleaned, apply a small amount of Aquaphor. A pea size amount usually works. If you applied it correctly, the skin will be barely shiny. Excess Aquaphor can be removed with a clean, dry paper towel by dabbing off the excess, gently.
    You’ll need to wash your tattoo and apply the Aquaphor 2 to 3 times a daily for 4 to 7 days. Your artist will specify how many days.
  • - After the 4 to 7 days, switch from Aquaphor to Unrefined Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Organic and Unrefined are the key words to look for on the labeling. We have an aftercare package available to purchase that contains a samples packet of Aquaphor and VitaCoco Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil.
  • - You’ll apply the Unrefined Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil whenever you feel your tattoo is dry or as needed. With a fresh tattoo it can be tempting to apply too much aftercare ointment, however this can prevent your skin from breathing. Your skin can only absorb a certain amount of coconut oil, so a thin layer is all you need – your body will tell you when enough is enough.
  • - If you have certain allergies or find you’re sensitive to particular cosmetics, Coconut Oil is pure coconut and is a great, natural alternative to use.
  • - You’ll use the Coconut Oil for one to two weeks after you have switched from the Aquaphor to complete the healing process.
  • - You can continue the use of Coconut Oil even after the healing process, as it is great for your skin and your new tattoo!


  • - Your tattoo may push excess pigment out for the first few days. This is normal.
  • - To avoid getting ink on your bedding you may want to put down a clean towel or wear clothing you don’t mind getting stained with ink.
  • - The tattoo may start to peel, flake or scab during the healing process. If it does, let it fall off naturally. Do not pick, scratch or rub off any scabs, flaking or pealing skin.
  • - Usually, your tattoo may go through a few days of feeling itchy while the new skin forms. Do not scratch the tattoo if it does.
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